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Excelsior Insight is a low cost Windows based Booking Management System designed by and for UK travel agents. Excelsior Insight will dramatically reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend managing your bookings. Here are just some of the reasons Insight will help you run your business more efficiently.

At a time when most of the business world has adopted Windows as its operating system of choice most of our competitors are still producing outdated DOS based programs and selling them for thousands of pounds. Excelsior Insight is available at a fraction of this cost but with all the important features you would expect in a Booking Management System. Best of all Insight is available on a free trial!

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Ease Of Use
Most people agree that Windows programs are easier to use than DOS programs. Insight has never been a DOS program, it was designed to exploit the Windows environment to ensure that it is easy to use. Wherever possible Excelsior Insight uses previously stored information to reduce the amount of typing and restrict the opportunity for data entry errors. Customer booked with you before? Just select from a list of existing customers stored in Excelsior Insight’s customer database and you can start entering information on their new booking with the minimum amount of typing. Find yourself always typing the same old sentences on a booking? Create an AutoText entry and you need never type that sentence again.

Entering payments and receipts is simplicity itself. Regardless of whether the customer is paying you or you are passing their credit card direct to the tour operator Excelsior Insight always knows how much is due. You need never lose sight of a commission again. The Outstanding Payments/Receipts screen shows you all your outstanding creditors and debtors at a touch of button.

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Any computer system is only as good as the quality of information it allows you to get out of the system. Excelsior Insight comes supplied with a wide range of reports which allow you to look at your business in ways that just wouldn’t be possible with a manual system. That’s why the program is called Insight! It’s possible to analyse your sales by booking category, sales clerk, supplier, customer or advertising campaign. Each of these sales reports can be performed over any date period specified by the user. Excelsior Insight doesn’t provide reports just on sales figures there are also insurance returns, supplier statements, booking histories, supplier VAT invoices, outstanding balances, outstanding commissions and a host of other reports that ensure that top quality analysis of your business is only ever a few key strokes away.

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To Do Lists
There's more to administering bookings than chasing payments and issuing Invoices. That's why Insight includes such features as customisable To Do Lists. These allow you to diarize any event connected with a booking that you feel is important, so you can give yourself reminders to check Wait Lists or check that special requests have been carried out. Because the this aspect of Insight is completely customisable you can adapt to fit your own agency's individual needs.

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Trust Accounting
From the outset Excelsior Insight was designed to accommodate and ease the demands of operating a trust account. The program comes supplied with a bank account designated as a trust account. Excelsior Insight keeps track of each and every penny paid into this account not only on a per booking basis but also on a per item basis. Members of the Travel Trust Association will appreciate the care and thought that has gone into designing the trust accounting facilities. Excelsior Insight will advise when and how much money can be claimed from the trust account. Also included are a number of reports designed specifically for TTA members. These reports will generate all the paperwork required to operate your trust account with the minimum of fuss including monthly TTA and trustee returns, cheque requests to trustees and commission claims. TTA members have reported that the trust facilities alone save them many hours each month.

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Excelsior Insight is licensed on a monthly subscription basis. The monthly subscription fee is kept to a minimum and you only keep paying for as long as you want to use the product. There’s no minimum sign up period.  The fee includes a licence to Excelsior Insight (the same fee also gets you up to a five-user network version), a comprehensive manual, free   telephone support for the duration of your subscription and free upgrades to future versions of Excelsior Insight as and when they become available. Some of our competitors will charge you each time that they improve their products. We find that by ensuring that all our subscribers always have the latest version of the program it reduces our support costs allowing us to pass on that saving to you.  The design philosophy behind Excelsior Insight is that there is always something we can do to make it better and more useful to your agency. We encourage our users to submit their ideas on the features that they would like to see in the program. Wherever possible we try to accommodate our users requests.

Most Booking Management Systems cost thousands of pounds and often come with a hefty support contract as well. Excelsior Insight is sold on a subscription basis which helps bring the cost down. Each month a monthly subscription charge is due which entitles you to use Insight for another month. Whilst you continue to pay your subscription you are entitled to free telephone technical support and free upgrades as and when they become available. 

We continually strive to improve Insight and release upgrades on a regular basis. These often incorporate ideas and suggestions from our users. So if you've got an idea on how Insight can be improved please let us know..


Monthly Charge

Single User 40
Network - up to 5 machines 40
Network - up to 10 machines 50
Network - up to 15 machines 60

All prices are exclusive of VAT. The monthly charge is collected via Standing Order on the 1st of each month.

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Free Trial
We're confident that Insight has something to offer most agencies. We're prepared to offer a free one month no obligation trial. During the trial you get full use of the software, a copy of our user manual and free telephone and email technical support. Just click on the apply for free trial link below and fill in the on screen form.

Apply For Free Trial

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